Sell your property with CENTURY 21 Berthouts

You consider the sale of your property? We can answer all your questions.

The real estate market is presently very complex and volatile and it’s nearly impossible to be kept informed of the legislation in force.
As a real estate partner, with years of experience of this market, we can guarantee a solidly build case, with all the necessary documents, certificates and licences.

We help you through the following 10 steps.

  1. Estimation based on market situation
    Based on a realistic evaluation of your property and on a detailed comparative market research, we determine together the asking price.
    A correct price is crucial for a successful sale.
  2. Composition of the sale file
    We deliver a complete file with all legal documents needed for the sale of your property. In this way, you comply with all the legal obligations and the potential buyers are correctly and completely informed.
  3. Visit of the property
    During a first in-depth visit, you will inform us about the specific characteristics of your property, like its technical state, its location, its age,… These informations will be used for the presentation of your property.
  4. Presentation of your property
    In order to sell your property in the best possible way, we’ll cooperate with you to define how we are going to put it forward.
    We present your property through a professional photo shoot and/or a virtual 3D visit and a complete description.
  5. Targeted publicity
    Thanks to the use of our different channels like websites, social media and other specialised real estate platforms, your property is proposed in order to attract potential buyers.
  6. Planning of the visits
    Together with you, we’ll look to the best way of planning our visits.
    Potential buyers are presented on a professional way and receive a detailed file at the end of their visit.
  7. Follow-up of the file
    Of course, we’ll keep you personally informed of the sale process of your property, even if you are not present during the visits. We provide you with a summary of what potential buyers think of your property.