Rent your house, your apartment or your commercial space

Rental is a complex process. Not only the preparation of the publication needs the necessary professionalism, but also the writing of a lease and of the accompanying inventory needs a permanently updated expertise. Do you consider renting your house, your apartment or your commercial space? If yes, we’ll be glad to help you in your “renting history”!

Our renting path

  • In conjunction with you, fix an optimal renting price according to the market.
  • Ask an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) certificate and others (if necessary).
  • Create a publication file (professional pictures and description) and submit it for approval.
  • Common organization of the visit moments.
  • Interview with potential tenants, in our office.
  • Writing of a lease in accordance with the legislation in force.
  • Signature of the rental contract and demands of topographical studies.
  • Registration of the lease and the inventory.

We’ll walk with you from the first visit until the registration of the lease and the yearly indexation. But we don’t stop there; even after the first rent period, we remain at your disposal for advices and tips. Your confidential advisor will be happy to help you.